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It was love, and then it wasn’t, and then … it might be?

Browsing Craigslist is a dangerous thing. And I don’t mean because of the Craigslist killer, or the creepy personal ads …

I mean because of the furniture section, and how I easily fall in love with wood furniture and chairs. Ask Matt – I fall hard.

It always starts out innocently enough: “I’m just browsing because I’m bored. Clearly I won’t buy anything, our house doesn’t need more furniture. We don’t have any space. Well, surely, except, maybe if we sold this piece or gave away that piece. It would be nice to have a piece of furniture for all of my fabric, instead of just plastic bins. And wouldn’t it be nice if it was turquoise, like the rest of our house? With glass doors so you could see the beautiful folded fabric? And vintage and unique, and cheap? And oh, I don’t know, maybe JUST LIKE THIS:

Heavenly (except for those orange knobs, but even I can change those!). Swoon-inducing. Twitterpating. Love.

I text the owner something along the lines of: OMG I am in love with your cabinet please tell me it’s for sale please please please. OK, maybe a little less creepy than that.

She texts back: Sorry, someone is already interested. They are coming by on Monday. I text back: I can come today (Saturday). I will pay full price. I LOVE it. I don’t want to paint it. It belongs HERE. I promise I will treat it well.

She texts back: Sorry, they get first dibs. I will let you know if they don’t show.


And then. Oh and then. As I am ready to leave for work today, a text: If you are still interested in the cabinet, it is still available. Let me know.


Yes, yes, of course I am still interested! But then she wants it to be picked up during the day, and one minor detail – I work 2 hours drive away during the day. Frantic text messaging. I will come on the weekend. I will come at night. I will come during the day on Wednesday and take time off.

So far, no response. The stink of desperation exudes from my texts.

Love, it’s a b*tch.


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Thrifting Thursdays

Welcome to the second edition of Thrifting Thursdays, which showcases random affordable decorating finds from around our house. This is a 2-parter – our livingroom coffee table.

I found this coffeetable at a garage sale in Kansas City. It was marked for $60, and I had $17. It was the end of the day, and after some aggressive haggling, a very disappointed homeowner relented and this table has happily lived with me for a few years now.

It was originally in perfect condition, though since has served as the base for many painting projects (that some spare, beautiful bird fabric conveniently covers).

On top of the coffee table are a couple of things of note. The coasters were made by a glass artist in a small gallery between Boulder and Estes Park, that we stumbled on during our honeymoon.

The tray in the middle of the coffee table is another fabulous thrifting find, for $3, at the Jesse James Antique Mall in St. Joseph. A fabulous antique mall, if you are ever in the area. The store next to it – The Rusty Chandelier – is my favorite store in St. Joe.

A great candle tray

The candles were a bargain, too, purchased at huge clearance at Pier 1 for 50 cents a piece

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Thrifting Thursdays

One of my favorite loves is going to flea markets and antique stores. So, I am introducing a new feature called Thrifting Thursdays that will contain, at least to start, treasures in our house found at flea markets, antique stores, relatives’ homes, garage sales.

To start, chairs. I showed a few when showing my creative space. I love colorful, funky, individual chairs. I would fill our house with all chairs if possible. If it’s in great shape, slightly vintage, and has funky fabric – I’m sold. It also has to cost under $75. Our whole house has been decorated for a ridiculously small price, and spending more than that at a flea market violates my ideals. 🙂

Please ignore the laptop cords in the corner. I love this chair and it was a steal at $40. I love the carved legs, and the oversized pattern. I found this at Revival, a fantastic furniture consignment/new furniture store in Kansas City. (I only go to look at the consignment pieces) Unfortunately, my favorite branch of Revival, that used to be on 75th and Metcalf, closed. It had funkier, more affordable pieces. However, there is still a great store located on Metcalf, just north of 95th street. It’s worth a drive if you’re looking for something unique and affordable.

What great thrifting finds have you found? Check out this Web site to see others who are finding amazing things, too: Colorado Lady.

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My creative space

Love this idea from Kootoyoo. Here is my creative space. I almost cleaned before taking pictures, but thought that wasn’t an accurate representation. After all, it’s hard to be creative and clean at the same time. Or is that just me?

My desk

My desk is a library table that my parents bought a long time ago, and I was lucky enough to steal. It’s such a great, large, hardwood table. My chair is my one of my favorite flea market finds ever, for $50. It has tattered arms but I don’t care – such beautiful bird fabric. The stacks of fabric in front of my computer are for a baby blanket. Underneath the desk are containers full of yarn and fabrics. And Gus Gorilla, my alma mater’s mascot, has a prime space on my desk.

Chairs and fireplace on the other side of the room as my desk. Chair on left has a blanket crocheted by my grandma. Chair on the right was purchased from an awesome second-hand store.

My beautiful Bernina, given to me by my awesome aunt-in-law

Art above my desk: blue and yellow stars from vintage cowboy store in Parkville, top left piece of artwork called "The Sharing" that my dad brought back for me from Ireland. Stickers from the Obama campaign, poster from the Obama campaign, and postcards from the campaign. Other framed artwork is a photo of my husband and I from our wedding shower with family members and signatures with their well wishes.

Drawings of Clinton, IA, my parents' hometown, drawn by Larry Davis, my mom's high school art teacher

Awesome, working vintage clock found at flea market

On my desk: One of my ceramic matadors, a photo of my husband and I on our honeymoon, and a lamp my inlaws made for us with flowers from our wedding reception.

Another of my matadors, with the red ceramic bull my husband gave me for Valentine's Day to match, saying I was "adora-bull." So cute.

Stack of vintage mug shot newspaper printing blocks, with book of vintage advertising layouts behind.

OK, that was probably more detail than you needed, but I love this space – it’s cluttered but full of things that have deep meaning to me, and is a great outlet. Check out the other amazing creative spaces here!

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