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Old photos

I was going through an old memory card the other day and found photos I had never edited.

Dog in a basket 🙂

This is love

Colorado I adore thee

Kevin bacon and eggs on Halloween


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Too long away

Sorry for the long absence. Life has been in the way of crafting/cooking/blogging for too long now. Thanks to this man for reminding me to give my blog some love. 🙂

While work is much responsible for my absence, we have also been fortunate enough to spend a weekend in Pittsburg, Kansas for Pitt State’s Family Day, and escaped to Colorado during the hottest part of the summer. Bliss.

Now, for all posterity, evidence of Colorado’s amazingness.

I would like this view out of my kitchen windows, please.

Rocky Mountain high ...

Wouldn't it be nice if all states had such beautiful views from the side of the road?

From Trail Ridge Road

Near Grand Lake, I think?

Back at the bells

On the road to Aspen

Across from the famous bells

Wildflowers at Lake Dillon

The rain made for some amazing vistas.

Maroon Bells is seriously paradise and a must do.

A view from a pulloff on Trail Ridge Road

A moose! My life is complete.

Another view of the incredible Maroon Bells

A quick visit to the place we were married 2.5 years ago 🙂

A rare sunny moment

The amazing Alluvial Fan in Estes Park

Aspen trees in Aspen

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August, come quickly

“The mountains are calling, and I must go.”

John Muir

My husband is amazing. He is currently working fulltime, and working on a master’s degree parttime. This means he will go whole weeks not getting only 2-4 hours of sleep per night. He does this all with relatively little complaint, and still being a peach to live with. (Lord knows I would be cranky on that little sleep!) He even still finds time to feed the dogs and help around the house, when he can.

We are very close and it’s been hard to spend this little time together. So, we needed something to look forward to and have about a week and a half break in August when he won’t be in school and I can sneak away from work.

We booked 5 nights in Breckenridge, CO at the Great Divide Lodge, followed with 1 night in Estes Park, the town we got married in.

I am so excited to spend time with him, and to go back to my favorite state in the U.S. He has certainly earned a vacation, and I am happy to use that as an excuse to go! 🙂

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